Evolution of transportation may change the auto insurance industry

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Auto insurers will be impacted by self-driving cars Safer roads could have a major impact on the auto insurance industry, and self-driving cars may be the cause, according to a new report from KPMG. The report predicts that the rise of driverless vehicles will have a significant impact on the auto insurance market, causing a shift in liability that some insurers may find it difficult to cope with. These vehicles have yet to see a widespread commercial release, but that may change in the coming decades. 60% decline in vehicle…

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Auto insurance premiums continue to rise in Ontario

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Insurance premiums in Ontario may be affected by for profit clinics Ontario is home to the highest auto insurance premiums in Canada, and rates for many drivers continue to rise, even if they have immaculate driving records. There are many factors that affect the cost of insurance coverage, but for-profit medical centers and rehabilitation clinics may be one of the reasons why premiums are on the rise. Notably, bodily injury claims in Ontario are significantly higher than they are in other provinces, perhaps due to the over-utilization of medical services…

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Survey shows that challenges facing states in building health insurance exchanges

A new survey conducted by the KPMG Government Institute, an analysis organization that focuses on government policy and legislative trends, provides some insight on some of the challenges facing states in their efforts to build a health insurance exchange. The survey draws upon information provided by 80 state officials from throughout the country. These officials offered information on why health insurance exchanges seem to be such a troublesome issue. The common consensus boils down to cost. The survey suggests that insurance exchanges may be too expensive for some states, even…

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