Is insurance technology the key to health plan enrollment of the “invincible” youth?

Cell Phone Insurance technology

Kentucky is using a mobile app called Kynect to try to reach more young people and encourage them to sign up. Officials in Kentucky are using insurance technology over mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in order to try to be able to better reach young people and encourage them to enroll in health plans. The Kynect smartphone app launched with the insurance exchange in the state on Saturday. The Kynect mobile app represents some of the latest in insurance technology, in the hopes of appealing to younger demographics…

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Christian cost sharing health plan forced to cease operations

Cost sharing health plan makes insurance news

The Kentucky Medi-Share coverage has been put to a halt by the state. The Department of Insurance in Kentucky has advised the members of Medi-Share, a Christians only cost sharing health plan, that this coverage has been ordered to cease its operations within the state, and that if they wish to continue their coverage, then they will need to seek policies from other insurers. This announcement came following the ruling of Thomas Wingate, a Franklin County Circuit Judge. That ruling was made earlier in October, and stated that as the…

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Catastrophic tornados trample the South and Midwest, claiming 33 lives

An outbreak of deadly and devastating tornadoes wrought havoc in many Southern and Midwest states over the weekend. The disasters began on Friday last week. The tornadoes struck a major blow to four states: Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Alabama. The people in these states had little warning of the storms, which manifested at an alarmingly fast pace. The tornadoes quickly grew in intensity and caused a significant amount of damage to everything in their path. When the winds finally calmed after hours of fury, approximately 33 people were found dead.…

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Kentucky obtains federal waiver on insurance provisions

Insurance companies in Kentucky have been granted a waiver from a provision of the health care law that requires insurers to spend at least 80% of the money they collect from premiums on improving medical care. The waiver does not remove mandate, however, and insurers will still need to spend 75% of their premiums toward medical care. According to federal law, if companies do not follow this mandate, they must refund the money to policyholders. The state’s Department of Insurance petitioned the federal government for a waiver in an effort…

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Town’s enforce emergency response fees

Many cash-strapped cities across the U.S. are beginning to charge citizens for fire department calls. This is one method of many, which city officials have turned to; hoping to raise additional money for their broke and struggling city deficits. In Louisville Kentucky, a small, suburban town will begin to charge citizens for services that cost (what they consider) above the normal. Claiming it’s just a way to cover their budget. The charges will actually be billed to the home or business owner’s insurance company. Across the nation city officials have been tasked…

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Kentucky passes bill in hopes to lower fraud activity

The legislative department of Kentucky passed a bill that regulates the requirements of the federal government tax requirements on insurance for surplus lines as well claims for auto personal insurance that involve fraud. The bill was passed as the end of the legislative session is getting near. A measure was submitted by the lawmakers regarding lawyers who immediately get in contact with victims of car accidents offering their services. Called HB 382, this measure does not allow any unauthorized individual to contact a victim of a motor vehicle accident within…

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