Health insurance exchanges may be tilted in favor of insurance companies, thanks to new rules provided by the HHS

On Monday, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, unveiled a sleuth of federal rules that are to be used in governing health insurance exchanges. The rules, which will be in effect regardless of whether states choose to set up and exchanges themselves or pass that burden to the federal government, have a particular leaning in favor of insurers. This has drawn sharp criticism from legislators and the public, as the exchange programs have always been lauded as being consumer friendly. Now, there are concerns that…

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States to receive clarification about health insurance exchanges from government

States still debating whether or not they wish to establish health insurance exchanges will be receiving additional information on the subject from the Obama administration, which will provide explanations in greater detail regarding the way that these complex marketplaces will function.  As of yet, the U.S. federal government has provided limited information regarding this significant element of the healthcare overhaul which went into place in 2010, though it had indicated that it would have already done so by spring of 2011.  Without any additional details until now, many states have…

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New Government Health-Care Site Launched by Obama Administration

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Obama Health Care Reform News: For those confused or overwhelmed by the insurance options available to them and their employees, a new government website has been launched. Mandated by the new healthcare reforms, is designed to provide information on the wide variety of plans that are available. This information will be based upon your individual demographics, providing you with a specialized and informative way to compare plans. For identity protection, personal information is not required. After inputting a few details such as your age, zip code, employment status, and…

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