Insurance news from Kansas unveils Commissioner’s new team

Flag of Kansas health insurance news

The new top staffers for the state’s industry regulator have now been named. The latest insurance news from Kansas has announced that the commissioner for the state, Sandy Praeger, has just appointed a new assistant commissioner, as well as a general counsel, with a staff shuffle. These decisions followed the departure of the commissioner’s top deputy. The promotion from Praeger was given to Zachary Anshutz, who had previously been the general counsel and who is now assistant commissioner. Anshutz will be replacing the former assistant commissioner who has since left,…

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Washington Internet business runs afoul of Kansas insurance regulators who claim the site was misrepresenting the state

The Kansas Department of Insurance has ordered an Internet business based in Washington to discontinue its references to the state’s currently non-existent health insurance exchange. The business – My HIX Insurance Exchange – claimed to sell insurance policies through the insurance exchange of Kansas. Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger has issued the cease and desist order, demanding that the site’s manager to remove all references of the exchange from the site. Commissioner Praeger fears that this misrepresentation may have done significant harm to the state’s already dubious plans to pursue and exchange.…

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