Health insurance rates to rise in Kansas

Kansas health insurance

State agency announces that health insurance premiums will grow Health insurance premiums may be on the rise in Kansas. According to the Kansas Insurance Department, premiums for coverage in the private market, as well as for policies sold through the state’s insurance exchange, will increase in 2016. Several insurers have proposed rate increases, though a small number of these companies have actually planned to lower rates next year. Increasing rates could make it more difficult for consumers to afford their health insurance coverage. Insurers raising rates by 10% or more…

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Health insurance rates in Kansas to increase by 10 percent or more

Ohio health insurance

The state is tightening its reviews of the increasing costs. Kansas regulators are currently complying with one of the health insurance reforms put into place by President Obama, which require that stricter reviews be made of increases to rates that are greater than 10 percent. Governor Sam Brownback continues to stand strong against the other provisions of the healthcare law. To make sure that health insurance rates are kept under better control, the Kansas Department of Insurance has increased the number of steps that are taken in the review process…

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