Earthquake insurance is gaining more attention in Kansas

Earthquake Insurance

Recent quake leads to spike in interest for insurance coverage Demand for earthquake insurance is on the rise in Kansas. The state’s insurance agents are reporting that more people are becoming interested in coverage for natural disasters. Since a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck the state last week, several insurance agencies have been receiving queries about the type of coverage they have to offer that can protect against such disasters. This new trend represents the most significant attention that earthquake insurance has received in the state in recent history. State is…

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Kansas earthquake insurance demand is on the rise

Kansas earthquake insurance

The recent 4.8 magnitude quake in the state is becoming an increasingly common event where it was once rare. Insurers and agencies in Kansas are reporting that they have been receiving a flood of inquiries with regards to earthquake insurance coverage, following last week’s tremor that was measured at 4.8 on the Richter scale. Traditionally, this has not been a state in which there has been all that much interest in that form of insurance policy. Employees of insurance offices, particularly in the Wichita area, have been reporting that they…

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Shawnee County, Kansas, looking to obtain affordable earthquake insurance in wake of recent seismic events

 With some unexpected earthquakes striking the U.S. late last year, some state officials are beginning to take earthquake insurance more seriously. In Shawnee County, Kansas, officials are looking into the benefits of insurance coverage after the county was shaken by several aftershocks stemming from the November earthquake in Oklahoma. Another quake in Topeka, Kansas, furthered concerns as damage was done to some homes and vehicles. County officials have tasked the county’s insurance broker to find affordable coverage that could mitigate further disasters. Recent earthquakes have caused the price of property…

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