Kaiser releases estimates for health insurance tax credits

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Health insurance tax credits subject of new Kaiser analysis Next year in the U.S., all citizens aged 18 and above will be required to purchase and maintain health insurance coverage due to federal law. This is one of the most controversial aspects of the Affordable Care Act, but the federal government has been working to highlight the fact that the law allows for consumers to receive financial assistance from the government when purchasing insurance coverage. This week, the Kaiser Family Foundation has released information concerning the financial aid that people…

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Long term care insurance requires some significant changes to boost its caring

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The Kaiser Family Foundation has released an article making suggestions to change the sector. In an article entitled “Putting The ‘Care’ Into Long Term Care Insurance”, the Kaiser Family Foundation posted on its news site that the sector of coverage is creating too much of a struggle for those it covers, and that changes need to be made in order to resolve these issues. According to the organization, the coverage has a lot to offer, but it is still very hard on its customers. As a lead in to its…

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Kaiser Permanente plans to pay consumers to lose weight

Kaiser Permanente of Colorado has announced that policyholders may be eligible for cash bonuses if they are willing to lose weight. The insurance company’s new “Weigh and Win” program will award consumers with up to $150 every three months if they lose a certain amount of weight and keep it off. All adults are eligible to participate in the program, but participation is not mandatory for all Kaiser Permanente policyholders. The insurer claims that weight loss is as effective mammograms and cancer screenings in helping consumers manage their health. The…

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Committee vote passes bill to allow state officials to halt health insurance rate increases

A bill in California has been passed through a committee vote that would give state officials the authority to regulate insurance rates by being able to reject increases that health insurance companies have proposed. The bill was approved by the Senate Health Committee by a vote of 5-3. This measure, called AB52, will now proceed to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Representatives of insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors have been working to try to diminish or end the bill, but they each did so for their own reasons. Should the bill…

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New Jersey: Government run health plan looking to close their doors

In New Jersey, hundreds of cities and school districts have saved a fortune by taking part in the state’s relatively unknown benefits program. For the past three years, an increasing number of people are dropping the insurance policies they bought from big name companies in favor of the state’s program. Some legislators are looking to change that by proposing a new bill that could severely inhibit the program. Stephen M. Sweeney, the State Senate president, is proposing legislation that would prohibit the state run insurance program from accepting new members.…

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