Japan chooses to continue providing its own oil insurance

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Despite the fact that the sanctions against Iran have been lifted, the country will be keeping its sovereign coverage. Now that the sanctions against Iran are being lifted, it means that there will be considerably greater oil insurance offerings available to countries that want to purchase their crude from Tehran, but Japan has decided that it will be maintaining its own sovereign coverage. The current situation in the industry is improving the uncertainty with regards to being able to obtain coverage. With the lifted sanctions, oil insurance protection will, once…

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Japanese Iranian oil insurance shipping costs to rise this year

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According to recent reports, Japan’s maximum coverage for tankers carrying crude from Iran is expected to rise. According to sources quoted in several oil insurance news reports, Japan is preparing to raise the maximum cover for tankers transporting crude from Iran within the 2015-2016 fiscal year (April-March). This is the result of an increase put into place by the International Group of P&I Clubs, among other factors. The weakening of the Japanese yen, in comparison with the American dollar has also had an effect on the oil insurance protection and…

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The insurance industry in Japan offers unique Valentine’s Day coverage

Insurance agents industry valentine's day

This product is available for consumers in the country who want to make certain that they’re covered on the day. In Japan, the insurance industry is helping people to lower their risk of coming up empty handed on Valentine’s Day, with a new policy that is designed to ensure that policyholders always have something to receive on the most romantic day of the year. Consumers who purchase this policy will never find themselves without a box of chocolates. This unique addition to the insurance industry in Japan is designed to…

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Insurance news of Japan’s premiums totals is surprising

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Recent estimates show that 18 percent of the worldwide total for life coverage is from Japanese policyholders. The latest insurance news releases in Japan are estimating that the average life insurance premiums are approximately $5,300 (454,300 yen) per year. This is far higher than the global average for the same type of coverage. In fact, this insurance news indicates that Japanese life policyholders pay approximately 18 percent of the global total in premiums, even though the country represents only 2 percent of the worldwide population. The per capita spending, according…

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Japan at risk of more strong quakes in the next four years, say seismologists

Japan is still working to recover from a massive magnitude-9.0 earthquake that rocked the nation last year. The quake generated a tsunami that claimed 20,000 lives and spurred a nuclear crisis that continues to this day. While it will certainly not be the last quake Japan experiences in its lifetime, seismologists from the University of Tokyo say that the next quake will come sooner than expected. According to researchers, there is a 70% chance that the nation will be hit by a powerful quake of magnitude-7.0 or higher within four…

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