Oil insurance expiration may cease Japan’s imports of Iranian crude

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The country has been providing its own cover for tankers making the shipments and this may not renew. This month will likely start the cessation of the importing of Iranian crude in Japan as it is allowing its self-provided oil insurance to expire and has not yet established a new way to cover the tankers. Japan first created its own special shipping insurance coverage to overcome prior sanctions against Iran. Since the oil insurance is set to expire with the close of March, the country will be ceasing its loading…

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Oil insurance sanctions from EU to ease against Iran next week

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Pending the go-ahead from the U.N nuclear watchdog changes will go into effect on January 20. The governments in the European Union are planning to implement relief to the EU oil insurance and other sanctions that were placed against Iran, on January 20, the day after a nuclear agreement goes into effect. This will mean that the Middle Eastern country will be able to find coverage for its crude exports. Following an accord from November 24, the E.U. will be implementing a six month suspension of the current bans on…

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