Iran oil insurance sanctions may soon be eased

Iran Oil Insurance industry News

The recent nuclear deal could cause the sale of crude to rise considerably in the country. Now that a nuclear deal has been reached, it is believed that the Iran oil insurance sanctions may soon be eased, assuming that the country will indeed uphold its end of the agreement. This will mean that big buyers of crude, such as India and China, will be able to boost their imports. One of the elements of the agreement that was reached on Sunday between Tehran and six world powers was that the…

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Insurance news from India includes possible cessation of Iranian crude imports

oil insurance news Iran imports stopped from india

The South Asian country may soon cut off its imports of Iran oil as coverage is shaky. India is preparing to stop its imports of Iran crude, as the latest insurance news has shown that the refineries that process the oil would not be able to obtain coverage due to the sanctions from the West. This, according to the head of the MRPL refiner, as options for coverage appear to be running out. India is the second biggest buyer of Iranian crude, making this considerable insurance news. Nearly one quarter…

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