How to Make Your Insurance Company More Accessible

In order to shake the idea that all insurance companies are untrustworthy, hard-to-reach opportunists, you’ll need to do your part to prove to your customer that you are indeed looking out for their best interests.  Perhaps one of the best ways to do this is to make sure your insurance company is as accessible as it possibly can be.  From your digital presence to your physical premises and your marketing content, you need to make sure it’s inclusive for it to be effective, and for everyone to benefit from your…

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Insurance agents could see greater struggles from online selling

insurance brokers agents stress

The internet is starting to show the areas in which these industry pros could be threatened. The internet has had a history of turning jobs that used to be completed by people into tasks that could be finished in a few seconds by an algorithm or two, and now insurance agents are wondering whether that same fate could be headed in their direction. The insurance industry is seeing a massive shift toward informing consumers and selling online. Companies are introducing massive websites that promote various products, provide additional information about…

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Low cost health insurance through aggregation


Finding low cost health insurance doesn’t have to be a major challenge Health insurance in the U.S. is changing and these changes are somewhat dramatic in some cases. With the emergence of exchange programs, people’s access to health insurance coverage has become broader and many have become encouraged by the promise of affordable coverage through such exchange. Low cost health insurance is not only available through state-based exchanges, of course. One of the primary goals of the exchanges is to create competition within the insurance market, forcing private providers to…

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Tips on Improving an Insurance Agents Business in the Year 2013

Insurance Marketing

Insurance Agents…time to dust off the ol’ website! This year most insurance agency owners must take a few steps to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors in the market. This article aims at discussing five of the crucial steps that will help an insurance agent site retain their old customers and attract new ones in the year 2013. Modernizing the Insurance Website One must remember that the customers will always want to get acquainted with an agent who can present themselves in a better way. The appearance of…

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Allstate’s acquisition of Answer Financial and Esurance reflects a change in consumer insurance shopping habits

Allstate Insurance has announced that it has acquired Answer Financial and Esurance, which underlines the continuing changes in the way that consumers shop for their auto insurance. According to Online Auto Insurance (OAI), it also illustrates a number of opportunities that have arisen from these changes so that insurers. An increasing number of consumers in the United States have been buying their auto insurance policies directly from the insurers through their websites, as opposed to speaking with an agent. This trend has led some of the larger insurance companies, such…

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