The Most Comprehensive Insurance Telematics Conference & Exhibition

Telematics Update: 60+ Insurers including Progressive, Allstate, USAA and Liberty Mutual Already Confirmed to Attend Insurance Telematics USA 2013 Telematics Update has announced that with a month until the Insurance Telematics USA 2013 Conference (4-5 Sept, Chicago), 67 underwriters, pricing, marketing and product directors from leading insurance companies such as American Family, Farmers, State Farm and USAA have already signed-up to attend. Over the past 13 years, Telematics Update has built an in-depth knowledge on all things telematics, focusing on how these technologies can be utilized by the insurance space.…

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Usage based insurance is causing a growing privacy concern

usage based insurance data security

Though consumers are keen to save money on their policies, they wonder if they might be sharing too much. With the increasing popularity of usage based insurance programs, individuals and organizations are starting to look beyond the potential for saving money and are discovering that a large amount of information is being shared with the insurers. This is causing them to question exactly what and how much data is being collected. A vehicle is already naturally collecting a great deal of information about the way that a driver uses it.…

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2012 will be the year of usage based insurance

usage based insurance auto

This year, auto coverage using telematics devices will finally get its real start before taking off. Usage based insurance is a type of auto coverage where the actual driving data of the motorist is collected through telematics devices in order to provide insurers with the ability to calculate premiums based on the individual’s actual behaviors and uses of the vehicle. Some companies have already introduced programs and it is expected that they will explode very soon. There are a number of reasons that the technology, which has had an off…

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Worldwide usage based insurance market to break the €50 billion mark in 8 years

Usage based insurance

Global use of telematic technology and methods will skyrocket by 2020. According to a report by PTOLEMUS Consulting Group, an international strategy consulting firm, usage based insurance is going to change the way that auto insurers and their policyholders do business together. The report is being applauded as the most comprehensive ever created on insurance telematics. The strategic report was 400 pages long and is expected to become the document used by the industry as a standard reference, as it provides vital data regarding the global landscape for auto coverage,…

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Innovative new technology provides new methods of encouraging road safety

Auto insurance industry eyeballs new technology to help with distracted drivers Many people believe that they are safer drivers than the average motorist, but this overconfidence in their ability can actually cause some people to be more dangerous on the roads than their skills require them to be. These individuals often feel that they are very good drivers, but that it is others who are the road users causing accidents. However, true road safety is dependent on the behaviors and decisions of individuals who understand the strengths and limitations of…

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MyDrive Solutions releases smart box technology for insurance telematics

MyDrive Solutions, a company known for its specialty in insurance telematics, has announced its latest technology release to allow insurers to better gauge an individual driver’s risk and therefore set the premiums for coverage accordingly. The company’s launch involves an insurance smart box, which has now been brought to market, called MyDrive Dynamic, which will give auto insurers the ability to collect and use a driver’s behavioral data using the very latest in data capture technology. This can then be used to better understand a driver’s unique risk so that…

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