Florida insurance company of last resort publishes internal complaint list

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The release occurred in an effort toward transparency and to clear its name of its many misconduct scandals. Citizens has been making considerable Florida insurance news headlines over the last while, as word of corporate misconduct and improper spending scandals continue to make their way to the media, so the company has now changed tacks and has released a massive list of 474 different internal complaints. Its goal was to show that it has been properly handling any misconduct allegations that it has received. Unfortunately, this list has also revealed…

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Insurance news from Barclay’s scandal increases total to $4.1 billion

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The mis-selling scam from the bank has experienced yet another massive charge. Barclays Bank PLC is making insurance news yet again with another massive mis-selling charge, adding to a long list of others that have been reported by Insurance News Report over the last few months. The British bank is continually hounded by new discoveries of scandalous selling practices. Authorities in the United Kingdom have been investigating the fundraising that the bank has received from Qatar during the worst of the crisis in 2008. The investigations have been ongoing since…

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Insurance news scandal and media fire response from Citizens

Florida Insurance News - Citizens insurance

The Florida homeowners insurer of last resort says that the dramatic reports are misleading. The homeowners insurer of last resort in Florida is now responding to the latest insurance news that includes heavy media fire regarding the scandal that surrounds the closure of the company’s watchdog department. Citizens says that much of the media coverage is highly misleading and is quite inaccurate. The CEO of the state backed insurer gave his own insurance news statement. Barry Gilway did agree that there have been a small group of supervisors within the…

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Insurance news spotlights Tom Hanks among scam victims

Insurance news Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Jerry B. Goldman, the celebrity’s insurance broker, has been charged with fraud. Tom Hanks is making insurance news, but not because of a blockbuster movie. Instead, it is because he, a former guitarist from The Police, Andy Summers, and hundreds of others have been overcharged by their broker, who has been charged with fraud. The Southern Californian broker pled not guilty to the allegations against him on Wednesday. The broker who has been charged with fraud is named Jerry B. Goldman. He was arrested from his home in Thousand Oaks,…

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What does reputation insurance have to offer?

Both individuals and companies run the risk of having malicious statements made about them in the social media, online forums, websites, along with growing mobile commerce trends as well as blogs, and as this is the case, they may benefit from purchasing insurance coverage that has been designed to protect their reputation on the internet. However, at the same time, these individuals and companies may wonder whether or not this coverage will indeed be worth their while. Many people would argue that because reputation is a person or business’s most…

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