Health insurance status plays a direct role in cancer patient survival

cancer health insurance status

New research has shown that patients who have coverage are more likely to obtain successful treatment. Two recent studies have underscored the importance of health insurance status. Cancer patients who have private coverage appear to have a notable survival advantage. These studies showed that people with private insurance coverage obtain an earlier diagnosis and live longer than people whose coverage is through Medicaid or people who are completely uninsured. The first study involved an analysis of the data from over 13,600 adult patients with and without insurance. These patients all…

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Insurance news doesn’t look good for high school athletes

A spike in premiums could make it cost prohibitive to keep players on the fields and courts. As the insurance news spreads about a considerable rise in the cost of coverage, it looks as though a growing number of high school athletes – particularly football players – will be spending their time on the sidelines instead of on the field. High school football players are finding that they are no longer allowed to play due to insurance costs. In the case of players at Exeter-West Greenwich High School the required…

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Bad credit can make for a higher car insurance rate

As if things weren’t bad enough for people who have been affected by the mass foreclosures, job loss, and overall slumping economy; here is that proverbial “last straw,” that could be the back breaker. Everyone knows that a low credit score can determine the rate you pay on a loan; it can also determine your insurance rate. A recent survey shows that 92 out of 100 insurers use your credit score, along with other factors, to decide whether to write you a policy, and if so, what your premium should…

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