Ensuring your insurance claim gets paid

insurance industry claims

Insurance claims can be tricky Insurance claims are generally straightforward, but they can become quite tricky to manage, especially when natural disasters strike. When a person falls ill and must receive medical care or when a property is damaged by a powerful storm, an insurance claim is generated. These claims are not approved by insurance companies outright and insurers typically investigate the claims they receive to ensure that they are not fraudulent. At times, even honest claims are rejected by companies because the claimant did not provide enough information or…

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Homeowners insurance price rising higher in Ohio

Ohio homeowners Insurance

The state that has previously experienced low auto will also see higher premiums in that sector. According to the latest auto and homeowners insurance data that has been released from the Ohio Department of Insurance, the price of both of those forms of coverage is on the rise, despite the fact that this state is known for its low rates. There was an average increase of 4.1 percent among the leading 10 private passenger auto insurer groups. Moreover, among homeowners insurance groups, the increase in Ohio was an average of…

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Australia looking at insurance premium increases

Many predict insurance rates to increase in upcoming years for Australians due to a relentless wave of natural disasters thrashing the countryside. How much of an increase is hard to say, analysts and insurance companies are calculating the total financial loss from the Queensland flood and Cyclone Yasi, and will adjust accordingly. Wild figures being thrown out of 30% rate increases have been talked down by Patrick Snowball, chief executive of the Suncorp Insurance Group, the largest insurer of Australia. Stating it’s still too early to tell but insurance companies…

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