Children’s Dental Health Month: is your kid’s smile a healthy one?

Dental Insurance Children’s Dental Health Month

February is a time that is dedicated to improving the oral health of children across the United States. February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and many different organizations, agencies, and individual dentist practices are making an effort to encourage parents and caregivers to make the right decisions for protecting the oral wellness of their kids. Tooth decay is the chronic disease that most commonly affects kids across the country. This, according to data from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. This information is being shared throughout the United States for…

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Insurance plan loophole nearly closed

health insurance for small businesses

The government is coming close to stopping employers from being able to offer substandard coverage. Insurance plan consultants were recently surprised to discover that under the rules of the Affordable Care Act, employers are capable of offering policies to their employees for next year that do not include hospital benefits. This has caused the administration to take action to correct an official calculator for approving of insurance policies. Officials from the Treasury Department are now working on changing the path of an official calculator that gives approval to various types…

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Health insurance customers are avoiding medical care due to costs

U.S. Health Insurance

Survey from University of Chicago highlights the financial problem of health care in the US The University of Chicago has released the results of a new survey regarding those with private health insurance coverage in the U.S. The survey is meant to shed some light on the financial concerns that consumers have regarding their coverage, as well as the financial concerns they have for medical care overall. According to the survey, financial issues are one of the leading problems that consumers have when it comes to health care, and the…

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166,000 people in Wisconsin purchase health insurance coverage

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker health insurance

State information shows that more people are purchasing insurance coverage Wisconsin’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has released information concerning the number of people that have acquired health insurance coverage as of June 1 of this year. The state’s Governor, Scott Walker, intends to cut the number of uninsured people throughout Wisconsin in half within the foreseeable future. According to state officials, the number of uninsured people in the state as of March of this year stood at 556,000. Majority of those that have purchased coverage have done so…

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Health care reforms appears to be creating happy customers

health insurance news care reform

A new survey has shown that people who are newly covered by medical insurance seem pleased. According to the results of a Commonwealth Fund survey, the expansion of insurance coverage as a result of the health care reform are starting to produce some rather pleased and satisfied customers. They survey also determined that there are a notably larger number of people with coverage in the country. The research group’s survey showed that among adults who are younger than the age of 65 years, an estimated 15 percent are currently uninsured.…

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Health insurance cancellation letters return: are you next?

health insurance cancelled

A new wave of letters are expected to be issued soon as plans fail to comply with the health care reform. Last year’s massive wave of letters that swept the country to inform previously covered Americans that their health insurance plans were being cancelled is about to be seen again. The question doesn’t appear to be whether or not this will happen, but how many will be affected. While some have predicted that the final tally could be rather low, others have said that there could be up to 20…

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Survey highlights consumer interest in health insurance coverage

Health Insurance survey

Some consumers may opt for fines rather than insurance Princeton Survey Research Associates has released the results of a new survey that suggests many people may be willing to pay fines rather than purchase health insurance coverage in the U.S. According to federal law, all U.S. citizens must have active health insurance policies beginning on January 1, 2014. Those failing to meet this requirement could face fines that could be as much as 1% of a person’s annual income. While the law is meant to institute financial penalties in January…

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