Berkshire insurance business suffers wounds in its earnings

Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway insurance business

That branch of Warren Buffett’s company faced significant challenges during this year’s first quarter. The Berkshire insurance business struck a difficult patch during the first quarter as those units of the company posted an underwriting loss. The losses took the spotlight away from the other gains Berkshire Hathaway brought in through its energy and railroad businesses. That said, that quarter’s results weren’t adequate enough to take away from the recent shareholders meeting. The company’s shareholders meeting took place in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday. The event was also the location for…

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Warren Buffett makes insurance news with caution in the industry

Berkshire Hathaway recently announced its earnings and stated that it is unlikely that an underwriter would be purchased. In recent insurance news, Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway finally put an end to the speculations that have been made about the company for a long time, by saying that they don’t have any real intention to ever purchase a large commercial underwriter, and that the intention is to take a more organic strategy in order to grow their commercial platform. Buffett fielded some heavy questions at the annual shareholder meeting for…

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Insurance news from Berkshire reveals 51 percent profit increase

Insurance News Profits

The company has just released its profit statements for its investments within this industry. Berkshire Hathaway has just announced its latest insurance news, saying that its net income rose to reach $4.89 billion, which translates to $2,977 per share, in a statement that it has released. This is a massive increase over a year earlier at $3.25 billion, which was $1,966 per share. The company, based in Omaha, Nebraska, said that this insurance news also includes its $2,302 per share operating profit, which does not include some of its investment…

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