Professional Claims Solutions (PCS) Investigation Leads to Insurance Fraud Arrest/Conviction in Passaic County

Professional Claims Solutions (PCS) VCWC (Video Camera and Witness Canvass) Investigation uncovered a staged pedestrian accident. PCS conducted a thorough Video Surveillance Canvass and located a camera over two blocks away on a Passaic Housing Authority building that captured the staged accident.  Upon the completion of the investigation, the individual depicted in the below video link was subsequently arrested and prosecuted for ‘Insurance Fraud’ by Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.  These types of investigations and companies like PCS are playing a major role in keeping insurance premiums as low as possible. Having video of an…

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Top 2014 cases of insurance fraud identified

insurance fraud

The MPI has now released its list of the largest errors and attempted fraudulent claims from January through December. A new list called the “top five frauds” has now been released by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), which shows the leading instances of insurance fraud that occurred within this Canadian province. While interesting and amusing to some, it also places the spotlight on an ongoing problem in the insurance industry. According to the MPI’s data, its own special investigations unit was able to discover approximately $7.5 million in insurance fraud in…

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California awarded federal grants to make insurance rate review process more efficient

The state of California has been struggling to rein in one rampant rate increases coming from a number of health insurance companies. High rates are spurred by rising costs in health care and the state has been having trouble coping with the sheer number of rate proposals coming in. Short falls in the rate review process can, sometimes, put consumers at unnecessary financial risk. To help the state establish a more efficient review process, the federal government has awarded California with more than $4.3 million in grants. The California Department…

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