Insurance news from Munich Re shows that it will see “profitable growth”

Munich Re Insurance companies News

The reinsurer has announced that it expects to boost its industry coverage business. Munich Re has made insurance news with its latest statement, which has indicated that it expects to be able to increase the size of its industry coverage business, which offers corporate clients both insurance and reinsurance. The last cycle has already shown notable increases, and this does not show signs of halting. The head of the corporate insurance partner unit for Munich Re, August Proebstl, stated that “We have shown that we can achieve profitable growth in…

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Discontented Occupy Wall Street protesters may soon target the insurance industry

Views on the Occupy Wall Street protests vary depending on which news medium is presenting the issue. Some call the protest a meager gathering of discontented hipsters, while others claim it as a full-fledged revolution that will change the foundation of the nation’s financial industry. Whatever the case may be, the protest continues to generate a great deal of hype and has begun attracting the attention of other industries. The insurance industry, in particular, may be a target as many people see the industry as being at fault for the…

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