Indian shipping firms to transport oil despite sanctions

Insurance news

EU sanctions putting strain on shipping industry As Europe and the U.S. begin to tighten sanctions against Iran, concerns regarding the impact these sanctions will have on the shipping industry have grown. Over the past year, sanctions have caused ripples in the industry because they threatened to prevent shipping firms that transport Iranian oil from obtaining insurance coverage. Pushed forward by the European Union, these sanctions banned maritime insurers from covering ships that carried Iranian oil. Some insurers have been granted waivers allowing them to cover these vessels, but coverage…

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Mayhem on the high seas

An attack by Somali pirates came late last week when the maritime bandits hijacked an oil tanker over one thousand miles from the Somalia coast. The seizure of the Greek oil tanker, Irene SL, occurred Wednesday about 200 miles east of the Gulf of Oman; a region that was thought to be safe. This was the second hijacking in this area; causing insurance underwriter’s to re-evaluate the current premiums that ship owners are paying for marine kidnap and ransom coverage. Brokers stated,  “a study last month estimated the total cost…

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