Health insurance prices are falling in Arkansas

Health Insurance rates and care

Policies sold through state’s insurance exchange may be less expensive next year Health insurance premiums for policies sold through state-based exchanges are expected to rise in many parts of the U.S. next year. New regulations and insurers adapting to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are part of the reason behind growing premiums. In Arkansas, insurance premiums for policies sold through the Arkansas Healthcare Insurance Marketplace are not expected to rise. Coverage sold through the exchange next year is likely to have lower premiums than policies that went into…

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Health care reform in Massachusetts will keep its current exchange website

Massachusetts health Insurance

The state had been considering joining the federal site, but officials have announced that they are keeping their own. An announcement made by health care reform officials in Massachusetts has now revealed that the state will be keeping its own insurance exchange website as opposed to joining the federal marketplace. A new software system has now been adapted for the state by the hCentive tech firm. The hCentive software system has already successfully passed its testing and reviews with the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This…

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More health care reform headed to Indiana

Indiana insurance industry

Individuals in the state who purchase plans from the exchange will see different offerings and prices next year. People living in Indiana who use the federal exchange to purchase their plans will be seeing a new round of health care reform that will bring changes to the plan offerings and the prices that will be available next year. Insurance companies in the state have been filing for a broad range of changes with potential advantages. The filings that have been made with the Indiana Department of insurance have already been…

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Massachusetts health insurance exchange may be too broken to fix

Massachusetts Health Insurance

State insurance exchange may need to be rebuilt entirely Some health insurance exchanges in the U.S. may be too broken to fix. This is the case in Massachusetts, where state officials are suggesting that the exchange needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up. The state’s insurance exchange began serving residents in October 2013, but severe technical difficulties have prevented many people from using the exchange in any way. Now, the state is under pressure to fix the exchange, or cede control of it to the federal government.…

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Report suggests that health care reform has been a success

health insurance news care reform

Report shows that 5.4 million people have obtained insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act A new report released by the Urban Institute shows that 5.4 million people have received health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The controversial health care reform law has been the subject of contention since its passage in 2010. Opponents of the law have long argued that the law would make insurance coverage significantly more expensive, prohibiting people from acquiring the coverage they need. The report, however, suggests that the law may have been…

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Health insurance deadline looms

health insurance deadline checklist

Consumers face March 31 deadline, when open enrollment for exchanges comes to an end The deadline for purchasing health insurance coverage through insurance exchanges in the U.S. is quickly approaching. The open enrollment period for exchanges and the coverage they offer ends on March 31 of this year. Those that do not have health insurance coverage after the deadline passes are more likely to be subjected to penalties coming from the federal government. The problem, however, is that many people are still reporting that they cannot purchase coverage through exchanges…

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Sebelius issues tips for holiday health insurance shopping

Kathleen Sebelius health insurance

Sebelius attempts to mitigate consumer frustration by drawing attention to other options Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, has been attempting to provide some levity to offset the frustration consumers have been experiencing with the federal government’s health insurance exchange network. As the holiday season gains momentum, Sebelius notes that shopping for insurance coverage online could mitigate some of the stresses associated with the season. The initiative is meant to highlight alternatives to purchasing insurance coverage through the federal exchange that do not involve using…

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