Massachusetts health insurance exchange may be too broken to fix

Massachusetts Health Insurance
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State insurance exchange may need to be rebuilt entirely Some health insurance exchanges in the U.S. may be too broken to fix. This is the case in Massachusetts, where state officials are suggesting that the exchange needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up. The state’s insurance exchange began serving residents in October 2013, but severe technical difficulties have prevented many people from using the exchange in any way. Now, the state is under pressure to fix the exchange, or cede control of it to the federal government.…

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Massachusetts insurance exchange contractor gets the boot

Massachusetts health Insurance

The state has announced that it will be cutting off its relationship with CGI as a result of the website’s serious problems. The Massachusetts insurance exchange, Health Connector, is now cutting off its relationship with CGI, the technology vendor behind the marketplace’s website, in light of the disastrous performance that the site has maintained since it was updated to comply with the requirements of the federal health care reform. The state has now entered into negotiations regarding the transition process with a new contractor. According to a special assistant to…

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Health care reform continues for states with insurance exchange disasters

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The government has just expanded its assistance for purchasing insurance to provide Americans with more help. The deadline is now less than a month away, and as Americans scramble to make their last minute insurance purchases in order to comply with the health care reform, the Obama administration has bent a few of the rules to help to ensure that people won’t be left without coverage due to struggles with some of the state run exchanges. Residents of states where the insurance exchanges have never been made to work properly…

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Health insurance exchanges could have had serious security issues in the past

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New information shows that exchanges were developed hastily by the federal government Health insurance exchanges in the U.S. could have been plagued by serious security issues as they were being formed, according to information from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Several states had opted to allow the federal government to develop insurance exchanges rather than building these exchanges themselves. Because the federal government faced a serious deadline concerning getting these exchanges up and running. As such, the government may have left some aspects of the exchange network vulnerable.…

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Health insurance exchanges too popular for their own good

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The marketplace websites were not expected to be used as heavily as they have been from the start, causing a rocky beginning. Following extensive surveys and studies that indicated that the majority of Americans hadn’t even heard of the health insurance exchanges, it wasn’t entirely expected that they would arrive by the millions on these various state marketplace websites to enroll and shop for the coverage that they will require in order to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Though these millions of people are keen to…

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