Nonsmokers homeowners insurance discounts are butting out

nonsmokers homeowners insurance

Though once quite common, the reduced premiums paid by people who don’t smoke are becoming rare. It wasn’t that long ago that reporting to an insurer that you wished for nonsmokers homeowners insurance because nobody in the household was lighting up was not only good for the health of your family, but also for your wallet. However, it is becoming increasingly rare to be able to shave those extra dollars from your premiums in this way. This is especially the case in Massachusetts. The nonsmokers homeowners insurance discount in the…

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4 Surprising Home Insurance Credits That Help You Save

The Federal Reserve puts the median cost of homeowners’ insurance at $744 per year, but insurance costs can range from as low as $300 per year to as much as $1,000 per year. Your home’s condition, geography and weather all influence costs. While you can’t do much about certain home hazards, such as a floodplain location or tornado zone, you can tackle other hazards that cause a higher premium. These four issues represent potential homeowners’ insurance credits that you can earn with just a little bit of work and upfront…

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Saving on Insurance: Six Tips for Lowing Your Homeowner’s Insurance

cost of Homeowners Insurance

Looking to save money on your home insurance? The price you pay for insurance is not fixed. If you need to lower your monthly payments, there are several ways to do so.   Shop Around Not all insurance companies are created equal. You can save a bundle by calling different insurance companies for quotes. You may find a different company who can offer you the exact same level of protection for a significantly reduced rate. Raise Your Deductible If you are in a low-risk area, you can save money by raising…

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Why Bundling Home and Car Insurance is a Smart Move

Not only is it harder work shopping around for separate quotes for your auto insurance and then your home insurance but it could also be costing you more money by buying individual policies .  Many insurance companies offer discounts for loyal customers who choose to give their business to them on several fronts so it is worth checking out to see whether you can save money by bundling.  Why bundling makes sense  When you think it about it, if you went into a store and offered to buy three of…

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5 Myths About Home Security

home security cybersecurity insurance industry

If you’ve thought about installing a home security system but you’ve heard rumors about them that are holding you back, you could be relying on myths without consideration for the truth. To set the record straight once and for all, check out these five myths about home security systems, and maybe you’ll change your mind. 1. No One Will Break Into My Home It doesn’t matter where you live, a burglar can target any home anywhere, and they’re seeking unprotected homes like yours. The FBI reports that there were over…

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Don’t Let Insuring Your Teen Driver Break the Bank

Teen Drivers

Teen driver insurance information for every parent. One of the most exciting and terrifying moments for any parent comes the first time you hand your teen the keys to the family car and watch them drive away alone.  You trust your child, and you’ve either taught them well or hired a professional to do so.  Still, there may not be anything quite as scary as the moment when those taillights disappear from view. Having a solid automobile insurance policy for your teen driver is more than just a good idea. …

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Not Happy With Homeowners Insurance – How to Compare Quotes

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

If you’re looking for homeowners insurance, you have to shop around first. Getting the best deal and the best coverage both depend on comparison shopping. It’s easy, just as long as you know where to start. Go With What You Have As you begin looking for homeowners insurance, stick with what you know. Talk to the company that carries your car insurance first, to see if they have any viable options or recommendations. They might even offer bundling opportunities. If you rent your home, then the company carrying your renters…

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