Auto insurance scam investigation crashes massive fraud ring

auto insurance fraud

The Operation High End inquiry lasted for four years and has led to a number of arrests. A series of arrests have now been made as a result of the conclusion of the Operation High End four year investigation into a multimillion dollar auto insurance scam ring that was uncovered in California. The probe was conducted throughout the Los Angeles area and there have already been 12 arrests. At the time of the writing of this article, a dozen people had already been arrested for their alleged parts in this…

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National Insurance Crime Bureau finds high level of insurance fraud in Florida

California Insurance company Fraud scam

Florida leads the country in insurance fraud, according to National Insurance Crime Bureau Florida has attracted a significant amount of focus when it comes to fraud in its insurance sector over the past few years. The state’s no-fault auto insurance laws, and some regulations concerning homeowners insurance, have allowed the sector to be easily manipulated and exploited in the past. State legislators recently began overhauling Florida laws to cut down on fraudulent activities, but have found only modest success. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released new information showing that…

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Rhode Island legislator suspected of insurance fraud, charged with misappropriation of funds

A lawmaker from Rhode Island is being accused of insurance fraud. Representative Leo Medina was charged with misappropriation of funds yesterday stemming from an policy check issued late last year. The check was a payout from a life insurance policy which was originally intended for one of Medina’s friends whose daughter had died. Medina allegedly kept the majority of the money for himself after helping his friend, who does not speak English, obtain a payout from an insurance company. Insurance fraud has been a growing concern throughout the nation in…

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Louisiana insurance investigator killed raises safety concerns for industry

Early this week, two insurance investigators in Louisiana were found shot to death whilst in the midst of a fraud investigation. The incident caused concern amongst state regulators who have been railing against the prevalence of fraud in Louisiana. Now, the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, is considering whether his agents will begin carrying weapons as a means to defend themselves as the insurance landscape becomes more volatile. The state’s Insurance Department will conduct a review of safety procedures, but Donelon is likely to institute his measure at the end…

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