Is insurance worth it?

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What is the value of insurance coverage? Insurance can be a very tricky issue for many people. Coverage of any kind is often considered to be an extra expense that is difficult to justify. For some, the cost of insurance is not worth the protection it offers, while others consider insurance coverage to be mandatory even if it is expensive. The value of insurance coverage varies from person to person as much as it does from one type of coverage to another. Because there are many forms of insurance available,…

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Erie Insurance survey shows customers distracted from coverage by amusing advertising

Erie insurance has released the results of its latest survey that has shown that insurers have released so many humorous ads that are focused on the price of their products that consumers have been distracted from the actual coverage. Among the participants in the survey, 68 percent said that the majority of the funny auto insurance ads were focused on the money savings they provide. Though these same respondents said that the coverage that a policy provides is the most important thing to consider when buying insurance, 74 percent said…

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What consumers should know when shopping for car insurance; cheap is not always better

Before you hit “Buy Now” consider this when online shopping for car insurance. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, experts in the industry are reminding drivers that at the time of a collision, there is a significant difference between a good quality auto insurer and policy, and one that is weaker or that offers less. Many consumers are finding this out when trying to save money but learn that fly-by-night insurance carriers are not there for them nor have they been properly advised. Unfortunately, with budgets being tighten, many are…

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