Amazon home insurance reportedly a possibility

Amazon Home Insurance - Amazon box

The e-commerce giant is reportedly thinking about offering property owners their own coverage. It wouldn’t come as a shock to many people if Amazon home insurance were to make its way into the market. The company – and its CEO Jeff Bezos – is known for taking their own angle in traditional markets. The online marketplace is reportedly thinking about selling home insurance policies of its own. The Amazon home insurance reports have yet to be officially confirmed. does not typically publicly discuss products it has in development. The…

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Georgia purchase largest US cyber insurance policy

Cyber insurance policy - Hacker - malware - online attack

The state is adding to its protection against hackers following a massive March ransomware attack. Georgia has added a new layer of protection against hackers by purchasing the largest cyber insurance policy in the United States. The coverage is a component of the state’s new strategy against cyberattacks. Last March it fell victim to a ransomware attack. The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s website was taken down unless the state would pay. Hackers demanded $50,000 in the ransomware attack. Despite the hackers’ demands, the state would not pay the ransom. Instead,…

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Boat insurance policyholders don’t always understand their coverage

boat insurance

Many customers don’t realize that there is a great deal more to this protection than meets the eye. Boating season is now fully underway and boaters have purchased their boat insurance policies for the season. That said, many of the 87 million recreational boaters in the U.S. don’t seem to fully understand those policies. Recreational boaters buy insurance coverage year after year without knowing important points about it. Among the most important types of boat insurance coverage is the form that provides protection when it’s not in use. When your…

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Fibromyalgia blood testing covered by rising number of insurance companies

research health insurance chronic illness

A little-known test that can help to confirm the presence of the condition is now being paid for by insurers. Fibromyalgia is an extremely tricky condition and despite the fact that the vast majority of the conventional medical community accepts that it exists and is looking into discovering the best treatments for patients who suffer from its range of symptoms, insurance companies had previously held back from covering many of the tests associated with diagnosing it. Now, a blood test exists that can help to point to fibromyalgia in many…

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Bill Cosby turns to insurance coverage to pay the bill for defamation suits

bill cosby lawsuit insurance coverage

The costs associated with defending himself in court are piling up and a home policy will likely pay for much of it. When defending oneself in court in several sexual assault and defamation cases, the legal bill can rapidly rise and Bill Cosby is using his homeowners insurance coverage to help him to pay for these expenses. This method of footing the bill for legal fees has come to quite a surprise to many though it is not necessarily uncommon. That said, Cosby has been facing lawsuits across three states…

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Health insurance plans to be rated based on size of network

health insurance exchange

The Obama administration will now use the number of included doctors and hospitals in the ratings. In response to complaints from consumers with respect to the way health insurance plans are rated on the exchanges, the Obama administration has now said that it will provide a rating for each plan based on the number of hospitals and doctors that are included within that plan’s network. Equally, there will also be an increase to the maximum annual out-of-pocket amount that consumers can pay. For individuals, the maximum out-of-pocket expenses for health…

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Travel insurance inquiries spike from Zika virus concerns

mosquito zika virus travel insurance

Vacationers and business travelers, alike, are looking into coverage to give them peace of mind. According to a recent data release, calls regarding travel insurance have skyrocketed from airline travelers who are worried about the type of medical care they would receive if they were to be infected with the Zika virus while away from home, how much that care would cost, and whether or not it will provide them with the opportunity to cancel their plans if they are headed into an area where infections are known. People heading…

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Insurance coverage problems force cancellation of pumpkin flinging contest in Delaware

pumpkin festival insurance coverage

The annual event has now been shut down because of issues in finding an affordable policy. The annual pumpkin flinging contest in Delaware has now been cancelled for the second year in a row because the organizers of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin said that they were unable to find insurance coverage. The event had been scheduled to take place at the Dover International Speedway in November. The insurance coverage issue is not the first to cancel the event, as it cancelled the Punkin Chunkin last year, as well. Before…

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Insurance coverage won’t help Sixers during Joel Embiid foot surgery

basketball insurance coverage sports

The player will now be missing a second NBA season in a row as he faces another medical procedure. The latest reports about NBA player, Joel Embiid, are that he will be missing another season as a Philadelphia 76ers, because he will be headed toward another surgery on his injured right foot, and insurance coverage may not be helping the team to recoup its losses. NBA contracts provide a full guarantee to players whose injuries cause them to be sidelined. That said, teams can often look to their insurance coverage…

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Insurance news from Boston Olympics Bid Committee suggests coverage will reduce expense

Olympics insurance news

The leaders behind the bidding for the 2024 Summer Olympics say that the right policies would save taxpayers money. The members of the Boston Olympics Bid Committee that are responsible for putting together the bidding for the city for the 2024 Summer Olympics have now released insurance news details in saying that they would be able to purchase coverage at unprecedented levels in order to reduce the expense to Massachusetts taxpayers. A document was released by the bid committee that described a minimum of 8 types of necessary coverage. This…

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