Insurance technology is driving the industry’s evolution

Insurance Technology and InsurTech

Various types of tech are changing insurers’ approach to appealing to prospective and existing customers. Insurance technology, also known as InsurTech, is pushing the industry in a fresh and targeted direction for all stakeholders. This tech is a vital component to appealing to a younger generation of consumers. Insurance technology deal values are up by 32 percent year over year as insurers and investors push to upgrade the industry and improve its profitability, said a recent Property Casualty 360 report. The report cited data and conclusions from the recent Global…

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Insurance news from Allstate shows hip and edgy new strategy

Allstate Insurance company news

The insurer – like others – has been facing financial and natural disasters, but is managing to stand out. Allstate has not had it easy over recent years, as insurance news continues to pummel the industry with natural and financial disasters, but this insurer has still managed to transform itself and stand out from the pack with a unique strategy. The subject matter may not be all that hip, but Allstate has managed to market it that way. The company is making insurance news with an edgy television commercial campaign…

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