Insurance Carrier vs Insurance Agent

exclusive agent vs independent agency

Whether you’re a practicing insurance agent, a hopeful trying to get your feet wet in the industry, or merely a customer, it’s helpful to understand the difference between an insurance carrier and an insurance agent. These two terms are often used interchangeably by people who don’t know better, but the reality is that they refer to two completely different things. DC Insurers Affiliate Program emphasizes that agents and carriers must work closely together within the insurance industry, so no matter what your role, read on. What is an Insurance Carrier?…

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Insurance industry worker shortage needs young professionals to take the job

Insurance industry worker shortage - Hiring - Jobs

Insurers are working hard to appeal to a new generation of employees, and some are getting creative. The insurance industry worker shortage is forcing insurers to get creative when it comes to recruiting new young professional workers. Millennials as a whole don’t find the industry appealing for their careers. Some insurance companies are using creative efforts to draw young professionals to work for them. A recent Business Observer report pointed out that some more clever bosses are looking for unique ways to appeal to those young professionals. In fact, some…

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Millennials continue to be a top insurance industry challenge

Insurance industry challenge - Young Man working from home

Insurers struggle to appeal to a vital generation both in terms of employment and as customers The insurance industry challenge regarding millennials continues as insurers continue to try to sell to that generation. This, on top of the struggle already faced in selling to consumers within that age group, the industry isn’t successful in drawing them to fill jobs, either. Employment in the insurance industry presents a considerable opportunity to graduating college students. That said, a top insurance industry challenge is relaying the appeal of this type of career. The…

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Progressive will employ 150 more people in Colorado Springs in 2011

Progressive auto insurance will be holding job fairs in Colorado Springs, in order to hire 150 more people before the end of the year and are looking for individuals seeking a rewarding career within the industry. The insurer has been named the 2011 Best Company to Work For in Colorado by Colorado Business Magazine, and has also recently been recognized on the Military Times EDGE Best for Vets 2011: Employers list. It is the fourth largest auto insurer in the United States. Progressive will be hosting a number of career…

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Women have significant growth potential in insurance industry

Though women remain notably outnumbered by men in property/casualty insurance, industry experts and veterans are saying that there is tremendous potential for women in this business. Trindl Reeves, principal of Barney & Barney has been working within the California insurance community for more than 22 years, and has been recognized for her work in assisting women executives with professional growth. Reeves explained that women have a number of qualities that make them a suitable fit for insurance business successes. She gave examples that women are capable of empathizing with the…

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Uncertain future for health insurance brokers

A growing number of insurance brokers are concerned for their livelihoods in light of the new health care reform law passed last year. They are urging Congress and state legislators to establish protections that will guarantee agents a role in the emerging online marketplaces that will accompany state health insurance exchange programs. The exchanges are a mandatory provision of the Affordable Care Act and each state must establish their own exchange by 2014. “The brokers are nervous,” said Sabrina Corlette, a professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute who has…

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