Examining the Negative Stigma Surrounding Insurance

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Insurance is often considered a necessary evil by many people, but why? The issue is somewhat complex and sometimes difficult to understand for certain due to the myriad opinions that are involved. For many, insurance is shrouded in a negative stigma because of certain philosophical perspectives. For others, the insurance industry makes questionable business decisions that add fuel to ever-present controversy. One thing to understand is that insurance is a for-profit industry. Companies are formed, thrive, and fail based on their ability to do business effectively within a particular market.…

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China’s insurance industry is booming

China Insurance industry news

Insurers in China will likely find more success in the coming years China’s insurance industry has been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years and this growth is expected to accelerate, according to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. As consumers throughout the country become more affluent, the demand for insurance coverage is beginning to rise. More people are purchasing coverage and insurers are pulling in more revenue from premiums. These premiums are likely to account for a significant portion of China’s gross domestic product in the coming years. Report…

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Insurance industry may be vital to solving some of the world’s problems

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Bill Clinton identifies three issues that are significant problems for the global community The insurance industry may be vital to helping the world overcome some of its most serious problems, according to former President Bill Clinton. Both insurance and risk management may be needed to help the global community overcome the problems relating to the inequality of access and opportunity, political instability, and climate degradation. Clinton has identified these three matters as the most significant challenges facing the world today, and insurers may be in a position to help the…

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Customer retention is a top priority for the insurance industry

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Economic crises has insurers shifting their priorities Though the peak of the global economic crisis may have passed, many people throughout the world are still reeling from the catastrophe. As such, many people have become much more leery of the insurance industry than they were in the past, and this is leading to problems concerning customer retention. Consumers are not the only victims of the economic crisis, of course, as businesses have also suffered to some degree. This is true for insurance companies as well, many of which have become…

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Doctors in Texas find an alternative to health insurance

Texas health Insurance companies

Direct primary care model may be ideal for some doctors Doctors in Texas may be pushing for an alternative to health insurance that they call “direct primary care.” Both the state and federal government have been working to address the financial issues of insurance coverage for Texas residents. Insurance costs are high throughout the state, which insurers suggest is due to the rising cost of medical care and various other factors. Doctors, however, believe that the cost of insurance coverage may be prohibiting people from receiving the care that they…

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Wedding insurance can protect Valentine’s Day marriages

wedding insurance

These policies are beginning to become big sellers, particularly around this time of year. Although wedding insurance has never been one of the top selling policies – particularly compared to the standards such as home, health, life and auto – this business is picking up quite dramatically, and experiences certain popular seasons such as around Valentine’s Day and during the summer months when the most marriages take place. These marriage insurance policies help to protect the investment of the day itself against many perils. The importance of this coverage is…

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The role of insurance in the economy

Insurance and economy go hand-in-hand Insurance has managed to attract a lot more attention from consumers in recent years than it had in the past. Many people are now conscious of how insurance affects their lives, but few people are aware of the connection that insurance has with the economy. Indeed, it is more common for people to be aware of how the economy affects the insurance businesses than vice versa. To say that insurance is the underpinning of the modern economy may seem like hyperbole. When put into perspective,…

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