Live Insurance News launches ‘Business Bits’ for insurance professionals seeking true success

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The weekly emails and articles from our editor and team of writers will focus on sharpening your skills. Business Bits is headed to Live Insurance News, where we will start your Monday off bright to celebrate the workweek with exactly what you need to know to make it a success. These articles and emails will help you to sharpen your insurance business and sales techniques. These sales and business techniques are exactly the types of insurance professionals, agents, brokers, and agency owners need to get started or sharpen their skills…

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Customer retention is a top priority for the insurance industry

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Economic crises has insurers shifting their priorities Though the peak of the global economic crisis may have passed, many people throughout the world are still reeling from the catastrophe. As such, many people have become much more leery of the insurance industry than they were in the past, and this is leading to problems concerning customer retention. Consumers are not the only victims of the economic crisis, of course, as businesses have also suffered to some degree. This is true for insurance companies as well, many of which have become…

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