Mobile insurance claims

Mobile insurance claims are taking a while to catch on with consumers

J.D. Power data shows insurer apps aren’t rapidly taking off among policyholders filing for payments. Mobile insurance claims aren’t very popular among policyholders, says J.D.…

Swyfft, the Insurance Company that Uses AI to Save Customers Money, Sets Sights on National Rollout

Swyfft, a platform that won’t stop until it has wholly disrupted insurance as we know it, announces launch in Illinois and New Jersey

iphone mobile insurance technology

Insurance technology over mobile is helping agents and brokers

From smartphones and tablets to mobile apps and web portals, tech is easing the strain on these industry pros. When it comes to agents and…

Cell Phone Insurance technology

Is insurance technology the key to health plan enrollment of the “invincible” youth?

Kentucky is using a mobile app called Kynect to try to reach more young people and encourage them to sign up. Officials in Kentucky are…

Insurance Advertising

13 Ingenious Insurance Advertising Ideas and Marketing Tips

As an insurance agent, you are always looking for ways to promote your business without becoming stale. In a world full of annoying salespeople, here…