Internet or insurance agent – Will websites shut down neighborhood agencies?

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As more people go online to shop for and purchase policies, what will happen to professionals in this industry? Despite the fact that many large insurers are making it possible for consumers to shop online to purchase the coverage that they need, many still feel that the insurance agent still does – and will continue to – play a vital role in this industry and agencies won’t be headed anywhere for the next several years. In fact, at the same time that websites are offering more self-service features, more agents…

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Insurance agent loses license after alleged DNA fraud

DNA genetic insurance agent

The former employee of Mukilteo State Farm following a number of different ethical violations. A former insurance agent named Jaime Sue Joyner, previously of Mukilteo State Farm, has now had her license revoked by Washington state after investigators discovered that she had been involved in a number of activities that are not permitted. Joyner was allegedly involved in a number of different ethical violations while she was on the job. Among the ethical violations of which she has been accused was submitting a sample of her own DNA in place…

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Homeowners insurance focused agents are missing large opportunity

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A new J.D. Power report has shown that these professionals are not taking advantage of the long term benefit of renter customers. According to a new report from J.D. Power, agents who place all of their focus on homeowners insurance customers are not taking advantage of the opportunity offered to them for greater long term success that stems from the relationships that they can build with renter customers. As the needs of tenants grow, due to changes in their lives or circumstances, they could provide additional opportunities. Renters coverage may…

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How to find the best options for auto insurance in Phoenix

Anyone who is looking for auto insurance in Phoenix will want to shop carefully. The wrong choice can be not only costly in terms of premiums but may not give the customer the right coverage. Full coverage or PL/PD? Policies fall into to two basic categories. Full coverage is the more robust package. It covers damage to the driver’s car in addition to the car of the other party. This kind is a requirement if the car is a fairly expensive or newer one as well as if the car…

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Easy Insurance Prospecting Ideas

A Consistent Insurance Prospecting Plan Will Help Your Agency! Keeping your current insurance clients happy should be your number one goal as an insurance agent, but you also have to keep channels open at all times for new leads or prospects. Prospecting for clients is a complicated endeavor, but it is one that you must partake in. Insurance clients can be long term, but today many jump around to find better prices. Keep your current customers happy, but save time to build up interest and look for new ones as…

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E-Insurance Companies vs. Brick and Mortar Insurance Companies

Over the past several years, the opportunity to purchase insurance policies and make changes to current insurance coverage online has increased dramatically, and consumers today seem much more willing to head online to investigate insurance options. For individuals who have not yet purchased a policy online, it’s valuable to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each method of purchase. With the decades-long expansion of internet access across the world, insurance companies have been expanding their online policy options. Today’s consumers have an important choice to make when deciding whether to…

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13 Ingenious Insurance Advertising Ideas and Marketing Tips

Insurance Advertising

As an insurance agent, you are always looking for ways to promote your business without becoming stale. In a world full of annoying salespeople, here are a few fresh ideas to help you market your agency and score long-term leads: 1. Fish for Leads Ask if you can leave a fishbowl on the counter of a busy local business. Solicit business cards and advertise a drawing for a gift card to the establishment. Use those cards as leads. Always carry plenty of business cards with you. Drop them in fishbowls,…

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