Using social media marketing for insurance agencies

Insurance Social Media Marketing

Owners and agents need to embrace the latest techniques to stay ahead. The owners of insurance agencies, and the agents who work within them, are discovering that in order to survive and keep ahead of the competition, the latest techniques and technologies are required, and this includes the use of social media marketing. This doesn’t simply mean that a profile should be created on a social networking platform, but that a presence should be established in many places, and that followers should be provided with regular updates and relevant information…

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The basics you need to know before opening your own insurance agency

Going into business for yourself and starting up your own independent insurance agency can be a thrilling, fulfilling, and rewarding experience, but you need to understand the business and its requirements before you can hang your shingle. Insurance, after all, is a business of relationships, and while you may have many on your own as an agent, by recruiting several associate agents, you will build your network significantly. By helping to protect families, individuals, and businesses from the disasters that can occur in life, you will also be creating a…

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California auto insurance industry leaders underline online auto policy sales growth

A report from Online Auto Insurance has revealed that recent talks among representatives of the California insurance industry have focused on the necessity for their agents to change their strategy for growing the number of customers who are purchasing their auto insurance online, which underlines the fact that drivers have a wide variety of different options for buying their coverage. Experts in the industry have been observing, over the last few years, that a growing number of individuals who are seeking cheaper premiums for their auto coverage are using the…

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