What to Do If You Get In an Accident

Car accident

What to Do If You Get In an Accident Being involved in a car accident is very scary, especially if you don’t know what to do or expect. Knowing what to do will help you better deal with the unexpected chaos that can happen at the scene of an accident. The following tips can make a world of difference in protecting yourself, your rights, and any passengers who were involved in the accident. Things to Do at the Scene of an Accident You’ve just been in an accident. What do…

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New report shows cost of workers’ compensation dropped during global economic crisis

In 2009, at the start of the global economic crisis, there was a decrease of 4.4 percent in the number of employees who had workers’ compensation coverage. According to a National Academy of Social Insurance report, this drop was the largest in twenty years. The result was that the cost to employers for providing the benefits decreased by 7.6 percent, reaching $73.9 billion that year; which is the most recent year with complete data. This drop closely mirrors the overall decline in employment in the country. According to the chair…

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Insurance companies hesitant to insure motorcycle taxis

Insurers are not providing new products for motorcycle taxi owners. This is because of the increasing number of accidents.  Last month, the government required that all motorcycle taxis have to be insured, the riders must wear helmets, drivers must have a valid license and standard fare rates are a necessity. Despite the new reforms, insurance companies have excluded motorcycle coverage.  Insurers say it is because there has been a high loss ratio regarding theft and accidents.  The losses are significantly higher than it is for private vehicles. According to the…

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