Workers compensation payouts have exploded by 26 percent since 2007

Workers Compensation insurance

Over the last five years, the total amount of money received by injured employees in Oklahoma is way up. According to a Tulsa World review based on the cases that reached the Workers Compensation Court in Oklahoma over the last five years, the total amount of money that has been received by injured employees has skyrocketed by 26 percent. This has been a costly increase to employees and insurance companies during this time. The analysis showed that today’s employers and workers compensation insurance companies have had to pay out approximately…

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Workers compensation bill signed by California governor

California Governor Jerry Brown on Workers Compensation bill

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved the bill to revamp the state’s injured employee insurance program. California Governor Jerry Brown has added his signature to a bill that will help to boost the workers compensation disability benefits for employees who are injured on the job, while at the same time keeping the cost of the premiums under control. The bill was first approved by lawmakers last month, on the final day of session. A rush was placed on the workers compensation bill’s approval after Brown, himself, gave a personal appeal for…

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