Healthcare reforms could benefit from dropped employer coverage

healthcare reforms quality and cost

The quality and cost of medical services could improve without their participation. Although the 2010 Affordable Care Act from President Obama promises workers that if they enjoy their health insurance coverage from their employers, they will be able to keep it under the healthcare reforms, there are some in the industry that are now wondering if the system would be more effective and less expensive if employers dropped the coverage that they provide. The intention of the law is actually to expand the coverage from employers across the country. However,…

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Latest insurance news repeatedly shows most personal coverage isn’t up to legal standards

North Carolina Insurance News

The majority of health insurance policies sold today aren’t meeting the requirements of the healthcare laws. A the most recent insurance news report published in Health Affairs has shown that over 50 percent of all individual policies that are currently being sold would not qualify for the health care reform overhaul’s required health exchanges because they do not meet the coverage criteria of the Affordable Care Act. Respected publications across the country are finding this same issue to be present. Some of those publications have included the following articles: •…

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Highmark announces the launch of new low premium and deductible individual health insurance coverage

Highmark has announced the availability of a new form of individual health insurance plan called the Simply Blue PPO, which is designed to provide policyholders with simple coverage at a low premium, with a predictable structure for copayments and with low deductibles. According to Highmark’s senior vice president of health services strategy, product and marketing, Steven Nelson, “We listened to our members’ feedback, and we’ve heard them say that they would like a more affordable plan without a large upfront deductible.” The new plan is medically underwritten and offers policyholders…

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