Impact of climate change to make insurance prohibitively expensive, says Munich Re

Impact of Climate Change - Damage House

The largest reinsurance company in the world has cautioned that most people won’t afford coverage soon. For several years, insurance companies have been warning that the impact of climate change will be an expensive one. Munich Re, the largest reinsurance company in the world, is now warning that global warming will make insurance too expensive for most people. The reinsurer has already blamed climate change for $24 billion in California wildfire losses. Munich Re chief climatologist, Ernst Rauch, explained in a recent Guardian report that it won’t be long before…

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Insurance industry calls for action on climate change

Natural Disasters - Insurance Industry

Report from coalition calls for better disaster preparedness A coalition of large insurer, consumer advocacy groups, and environmental organizations called SmarterSafer has release a report that is urging the U.S. to overhaul its disaster policies in light of increasingly disastrous weather related to climate change. The insurance industry has expressed concern over climate change for years, urging companies to prepare for violent weather and petitioning governments to take more action against this phenomenon or risk potential financial disaster. Report highlights the fault of the disaster framework in the United States…

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Investors call for private sector to mobilize against climate change

Despite controversy, the issue of climate change is gaining serious momentum with various industries. During a session of the United Nations last week, a group of investors with a collective $26 trillion under management, took a stand on the issue, claiming that the private sector needs to be more involved in protecting the environment and that no singular government can solve the problem. The collective group is comprised of insurance professionals, government officials and business leaders from all over the world. Few governments have taken the issue of climate change…

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California climate change conference discusses issues and economic impact on insurance industry as well others

The long awaited climate conference was launched by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, where he made a strong attack on the Republican party, libertarians, and other groups that refuse to believe that we are in a period of climate change and that this will increase the number of risks to which Californians are exposed. There were approximately 250 leaders for business and energy policy who were present at Brown’s “Extreme Climate Risks and California’s Future” conference, which lasted a day and was held in San Francisco at the California Academy of…

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