Auto insurance is a requirement of a new California driver’s license

california immigrant auto insurance law

Previously undocumented immigrants in the state will need to satisfy state laws to become legal motorists. A new type of driver’s license is now available in California for undocumented immigrants, but those individuals will be required to obtain auto insurance before they will be able to legally sit behind the wheel on the state’s roads. This coverage requirement already applies to other drivers in the state, but choosing a policy could be confusing. It has been predicted that this sudden surge of auto insurance customers in California could create a…

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Health insurance coverage will require many to confirm immigration status

health insurance news

In Texas, alone, there are about 53,000 people who need to clarify their status in order to keep their policies. Over 300,000 across the United States have now been sent letters from the federal government that requires them to answer certain questions with regards to their immigration status in order to make certain that they are entitled to keep their health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Only legal residents and citizens are allowed to purchase policies that qualify for subsidies on premiums. Among those who have received the letters,…

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