Insurance news made when high school football player inspires law

football sports student insurance news

The Governor of Illinois has just signed a new bill that was inspired by an injured student. Pat Quinn, the Governor of Illinois, has just signed a new bill into law, making insurance news when he added his signature while visiting Eisenhower High School, located in Blue Island Illinois. The reason that the signing occurred at that high school was that the law was inspired by one of its students. The insurance news started back in the year 2000, when a student at Eisenhower, who was on the football team,…

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Insurance news from Illinois includes a grant of $1 million to assist consumers

Insurance News for health care reform

The state has received the funds to help to improve the complaints system regarding industry practices. Illinois is making insurance news now that it has received a grant from the federal government worth $1 million, which will be used to help the state to improve the way that it provides consumers with assistance when they are seeking to file complaints about the way that the industry functions. The announcement was made by Andrew Boron, the director of the Illinois Department of Insurance. When Boron made the announcement, he explained that…

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Illinois state insurance may be getting a new carrier

Controversy abounds in Illinois. State legislators have received a significant amount of criticism from the public for their decision to change health insurance providers. The switch has an effect on more than 100,000 state employees and their dependants. Furthermore, lawmakers have been embroiled in a struggle to better define the authority of the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COFGA) has over the insurance industry. The Senate recently voted to allow COFGA the authority to approve applicable health insurance contracts for state workers. Senator Dale Righter, a supporter of the…

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