IIHS says driver assistance systems aren’t always as reliable as humans

Driver assistance systems - Driver in car - steering wheel

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found drivers handle many situations better than cars. Relying exclusively on electronic driver assistance systems can be dangerous, said the result of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tests. The reason is that those systems are not always as reliable with certain tasks as actual human drivers. The IIHS found the range of unexpected outcomes ranged from troubling to positively dangerous. The non-profit group found that driver assistance systems produce unexpected outcomes. Those results can range from bothersome, such as braking too cautiously, to…

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Native Americans may be affected by US health insurance mandate

Health insurance problems for Native Americans

Health insurance may prove somewhat problematic for Native population The impact that the Affordable Care Act will have on the U.S. health insurance sector is often a matter of heated debate. Those supporting the federal law suggest that it will make health insurance more inclusive for a broad range of consumers, while opponents suggest that it will raise the price of coverage significantly over the next several years. The law’s potential impact is typically focused on what effect it will have on American consumers, but there is a particular demographic…

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