“Leading Idaho” plan slashes 12 percent from health insurance costs

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A key waiver in the plan is meant to help ensure that coverage is accessible to more state residents. The State of Idaho recently achieved a key milestone in its “Leading Idaho” plan in the form of a waiver that will reduce the cost of health insurance for state residents, helping to make the coverage more broadly available, according to an announcement from Governor Brad Little. The state’s innovation waiver is expected to reduce the average premiums by 12 percent. “Idahoans benefited from another win from our ‘Leading Idaho’ plan…

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Some schools can’t get Idaho health insurance even on the state plan

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The state gave millions to school districts to get coverage, but the cost is still proving too high. State legislators passed a bill this year to allow school districts to purchase coverage through the Idaho health insurance plan. The hope was to reduce the cost that education workers would need to pay for their medical coverage. Unfortunately, despite strong efforts to reduce costs, they remain too high for many districts to afford. As the school districts work to approve their budgets for the next school year, many are finding that…

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Health insurance exchange director hired in Idaho

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The position has now been granted to Amy Dowd a former employee of the state department. The new director of the health insurance exchange in Idaho has now been announced, bringing in Amy Dowd as its head in order to guide it toward its official launch on January 1, 2014. Dowd had previously been an employee of the Department of Insurance within the state. This rehiring would bring Dowd back into a position as an official for the state in this industry. The decision to hire her as its executive…

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