Hybrid life insurance policies gain popularity as LTC payment plans

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As long term care insurance skyrockets in price, many people are looking for alternative funding. Hybrid life insurance policies are beginning to take the place of long term care insurance policies. Traditional LTC products have plummeted in popularity due to their spiking premiums in recent years. To pay for long term care needs, consumers are turning to new types of insurance coverage. Hybrid life insurance policies are becoming a leading option in that area. These policies come in the form of life products that back long term care financing strategies.…

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Long term care insurance as a combination with life coverage

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Do these two products mix effectively and will they benefit you? As the price of long term care insurance continues to rise, increasing by double digits each year, a number of families are beginning to seek out alternatives, which commonly includes a combination of life policies with the benefits of their LTC coverage. However, the policyholders for these combination products are now also facing notable increases. This fact, as well as the shrinking benefits that will be occurring over the next few months are causing many families to wonder whether…

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