Travel insurance claims are pouring in following several hurricanes

travel insurance claims policies

This busy storm season has led to a large number of filings from people whose vacations were interrupted. The active 2017 hurricane season has led to a sudden influx of travel insurance claims as vacations and business trips see interruptions. This type of storm season has helped to demonstrate the value that this type of insurance coverage can offer travelers. Thousands of people across the United States are breathing a sigh of relief after purchasing the coverage. Those who purchased their travel insurance policies before the storms were named can…

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The role of travel insurance in the hurricane season

As Hurricane Irene makes its way nearer to the American mainland over the Caribbean islands, travel agents are taking this time to inform their customers about the importance of travel insurance for hurricanes, while answering questions and selling the policies. In order to make sure that their customers are covered for a weather event, travel agents need to make sure that the insurance was purchased a minimum of one day before the U.S. National Weather service has spotted and given a name to the tropical storm or hurricane. This will…

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