National Flood Insurance Program may be ready for a bailout

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FEMA weighs bailout option for National Flood Insurance Program Though Hurricane Sandy has passed, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is still in the throes of managing the impact of the natural disaster. One of the most significant problems facing the industry in the wake of the powerful storm is the damage it has done through flooding. Floods fall squarely in the realm of the National Flood Insurance Program, a federal insurance provider that accounts for the vast majority of the country’s flood insurance policies. FEMA may be pressured to…

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Flood insurance downfalls revealed following superstorms on the east coast

Flood Insurance Hurricane Sandy Jersey Shore

The damage, destruction, and devastation from Sandy revealed many flaws in the national program. The catastrophe and chaos that has been left behind on the Jersey Shore and other areas on the east coast is now being called a direct reflection of some of the many failings of the current flood insurance program and is drawing attention to issues that may be on the rise in the near and long term future due to climate change. The storm surge from the most recent superstorm came inland as far as half…

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Flood insurance records show Sandy is third largest

Inusrance Industry Hurricane Sandy

The Superstorm off the Atlantic is predicted to be less expensive than only Hurricanes Katrina and Ike. The damage caused by Superstorm Sandy is now predicted to be the third most expensive faced by the National Flood Insurance Program in the United States, and will have the largest amount of cost outside of the Gulf Coast region of the country. The states that were hardest hit include New York and New Jersey. According to Bloomberg Government’s BGOV Barometer, those two states are covered for nearly $100 million in flood insurance,…

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Flood insurance opportunity for Sandy may have passed

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Homeowners who want coverage against flooding should have already purchased their policies. In the human tradition of leaving things until the last minute, many families are rushing to fill their gas tanks, crowding grocery stores to stock up on the food they might need over the next little while, and are calling their insurers to find out what flood insurance they have against Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, for many, inquiring about coverage is something they should have done much sooner. Homeowners across the Northeast of the country are getting themselves ready…

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It’s time to go over your hurricane preparedness once again

Hurricane Preparedness

Don’t forget to go over your flood insurance coverage as a part of your emergency preparations. The hurricane season from the Atlantic is now well underway and state emergency management agencies are urging the residents within the higher risk areas to make sure that they have considered their hurricane preparedness strategies to know that they are ready if severe weather strikes. Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee brought a cruel reminder that flood insurance should not be overlooked. Last year, these storms brought record breaking destruction through wind and flooding…

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