Liability insurance has become an important part of holiday party planning

homeowners home insurance policies christmas holidays

For customers who are hosting gatherings, a policy is a solid investment against unexpected expenses. This time of year is filled with lots of gatherings, parties and celebrations and hosts will have more people into their homes than they typically would, making liability insurance even more important than usual. In fact, in the unwanted event that things go wrong, an insurance company can become a best friend. For this reason, many liability insurance companies are now recommending that party hosts add a revision of their policies to their to do…

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Winter activities make insurance news in Ohio

Snowmobile Insurance news

Residents of the state have been urged to review the protection that they have for their snowmobiling, skiing, etc. Mary Taylor, the Department of Insurance Director and Lieutenant Governor of Ohio has released an insurance news statement which has advised residents of the state to look into their coverage before they take part in some of their favorite types of winter activities. The goal is to make sure that proper insurance coverage is in place in case an accident should happen. Taylor explained that Ohio is a great place for…

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Homeowners insurance risk warnings for Halloween celebrations issued

halloween homeowners insurance claims

As property owners add their decorations and prepare for parties this weekend, there are certain cautions from the industry. As Halloween approaches, people have started to decorate their homes in preparation for trick or treaters and for parties that will be held this upcoming weekend (the last one before the holiday), but the industry is warning that there are certain risks involved and that homeowners insurance should be properly checked and understood before proceeding. This way, it can help to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings with insurers. It can also…

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