Homeowners insurance reform bill for Citizens once again delayed

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

The overhaul for the state backed insurer is being held back yet again in Florida. On Wednesday, a vote that had been scheduled for a sizeable overhaul of homeowners insurance in Florida was delayed, yet again, which may suggest that the fear of sending rates skyward is holding the bill down in the state Senate. It is not that the bill is without the necessary support, but the sponsor is seeking additional time. The sponsor of the bill is Senator David Simmons (R-Altamonte Springs). He indicated that he has already…

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Homeowners insurance reforms expected in Colorado

Homeowners Insurance

The wildfires from last year have spurred lawmakers to consider changes to the current coverage. Lawmakers in Colorado are taking a new look at homeowners insurance which have been based on the complaints that have been collected from property owners over the last months since the wildfires in the state. In fact, they are now closing in on an agreement on a number of different changes to the coverage. The wildfires in Colorado brought a number of homeowners insurance issues into the spotlight and those in charge of regulations did…

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Homeowners insurance bill would change the rates in North Carolina

North Carolina home health insurance

Legislators from coastal communities are hoping to make the rate system different and more transparent. Lawmakers that are representing coastal North Carolina counties where residents are feeling high frustrations about the skyrocketing cost of homeowners insurance, have now introduced a number of bills that would change the way that the state regulates the rates that are charged as well as to add transparency to the system as a whole. One of the two primary measures has already been receiving bipartisan support as there are sponsors from both parties. Both Republicans…

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Homeowners insurance in New Jersey to become easier to understand

Homeowners insurance New Jersey

The Senate in the state has given its unanimous approval to the clarification of policies. The New Jersey Senate has just given its approval to assist residents with achieving a better understanding of their homeowner insurance policies, passing a bill by a unanimous 38 to 0 vote. The bill would make it a requirement for insurers to make their coverage far simpler to understand. The Senate bill (A-3642) would require that homeowners insurance companies provide their customers with an information brochure – one that is already a requirement under the…

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Homeowners insurance laws warning issued by Minnesota Department of Labor

Minnesota homeowners insurance

The state is reminding people about regulations regarding deductible discounts from contractors. The state of Minnesota is working with a number of large organizations to remind people about homeowners insurance regulations and what coverage behaviors are allowed. Severe thunderstorms in the summer often have people calling insurers to ask about their coverage. Though homeowners insurance policies will typically cover a number of different types of damage from severe weather, there are some rules that must be observed when choosing a contractor to perform the repairs. The Better Business Bureau of…

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