Homeowners insurance coverage may pay for Sand Fire evacuation expenses

California wildfire damage

Many home and renters policyholders may be pleasantly surprised to discover they can be reimbursed the costs. The Sand Fire has destroyed eighteen homes, but for those who were evacuated, homeowners insurance coverage may still help. Many of the 20,000 evacuees don’t realize that their renters insurance and home policies cover those expenses. The fire burned its way into the Santa Clarita region and left massive physical and financial damage behind. Still, for those who were evacuated and faced the costs of having to live elsewhere, some relief may be…

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Insurance policy may be required for this popular Christmas present

liability Insurance industry policy for drones

Thousands of kids (of all ages) will be unwrapping drones but not all know if they should have coverage. Across the United States, thousands of drones have made their way under Christmas trees so that novice pilots will be able to fly them but what many people haven’t realized is that an insurance policy can be one of the best accessories that can come with these gifts. While many of these devices will be played with without problems, there are others that will be crashed. As these hobby drone devices…

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Homeowners insurance rates in North Carolina are “very much a problem”

North Carolina Homeowners Insurance Rates

The commissioner in the state has openly recognized that there is an issue which must be overcome. Though the majority of people would say that they’re already paying high premiums for their homeowners insurance coverage, those in North Carolina have more to complain about than most, as the majority of property owners have seen their bills suddenly spike by a third to nearly three quarters of what it previously had been. Many people have received letters saying that if they don’t agree to these increases, they will lose their coverage.…

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Homeowners insurance won’t save you from a rockslide

Homeowners insurance rockslide

Natural disasters feel as though they are becoming more common but many policyholders don’t understand their coverage. As the weather heads toward another shift in the changing of the seasons, the potential for a new wave of severe storms is building, and homeowners insurance customers may not know exactly what type of coverage they have when Mother Nature decides to show the world what she’s really about. Rockslides, landslides, mudslides and sinkholes are all building up a new level of threat. While many property owners may feel that they have…

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Homeowners insurance claims in Australia rising quickly from bushfires

widlfire homeowners fire Insurance

These wildfires have already brought about claims that have broken the $96 million mark, so far. According to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA), there have already been more than 900 business, auto, property, and homeowners insurance claims with insurers in Australia, and that this has brought about a loss of over $96 million ($100 million Australian), so far. It is believed that there are more claims that will be filed with each passing day for the next while. A spokesperson for the ICA, Campbell Fuller, explained that assessors for…

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Homeowners insurance group having trouble with depopulation

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Citizens Property Insurance is shedding homeowners insurance policies slowly Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance has been working to depopulate itself over the past year and a half. The state-run organization is typically the last and best place for people in Florida to find homeowners insurance coverage, but the organization itself has been crippled by financial problems for the past several years. Citizens Property Insurance exists as a major financial liability for the state, which is why the organization has been forced by lawmakers to shed policies. This endeavor, however, has been…

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Homeowners insurance choices faced by many Florida policyholders

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Considerable decisions are ahead in the state as Citizens divests itself of a massive number of policies. Within the next month, there will be almost 400,000 people in Florida who currently have homeowners insurance coverage through Citizens Property Insurance Corp., and who will be receiving notice in the mail from another insurer to advise the policyholders that their coverage will be transferred over to that new company by November 5, 2013. At that point, the policyholders will need to make one of two choices that will be available to them.…

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Homeowners insurance becomes higher priority amidst hail damage

homeowners insurance hail storm repairs

Following many hailstorms throughout August, property owners in the Twin Cities are scrambling for coverage. Nothing makes the importance of coverage more obvious than a situation that causes us to actually need to make a claim, and as property owners in the Twin Cities clean up after multiple hailstorms, the need for proper homeowners insurance has been making headlines. The number of claims that are being made against these policies are very high at the moment. As a result of the home insurance claims, home builders are working as hard…

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Homeowners insurance reminder issued by State Farm about multiple claims

homeowners insurance policy multiple claims

The insurer released this statement because many policyholders feel it should work like a bank account. State Farm has issued a reminder to homeowners insurance policyholders to help them to keep in mind that a policy is not the same as a bank account, so the premiums being paid are not an amount that is being amassed so that it will be guaranteed to be available later on. The statement was made in response to many policyholders’ shock when it didn’t function as a savings account. This has become quite…

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Homeowners insurance group seeks financial protection against hurricane season

Citizens Insurance Louisiana homeowners insurance property

Homeowners insurance group responds to threats of hurricane season With the peak of the 2013 hurricane season fast approaching in the U.S., Louisiana’s Citizens Property Insurance is looking to protect itself from the financial impact of possible storms. The state-run organization accounts for the majority of the homeowners insurance policies currently in effect throughout the state and primarily provides coverage to properties in coastal areas. Louisiana, like Florida, often falls victim to tropical storms and hurricanes during the hurricane season, but unlike Florida, the state has not managed to avoid…

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