Homeowners insurance costs a top priority for Texas Lawmaker

Texas Homeowners Insurance

As the state has already been ranked as one of the most expensive in the country, suggestions are being sought. A lawmaker in Texas has just addressed the insurance industry in the state, requesting that they come up with a way to help to reduce the consistently high homeowners insurance rates for residents. Texas is continually being ranked as one of the three most expensive states in the U.S. for this coverage. The other two states at the top of the expensive homeowners insurance rates list are Louisiana and Florida.…

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Homeowners insurance issues growing for many Sandy victims

Flood homeowners Insurance Rates raising homes

Following the devastation left behind by sandy, residents of the area now face another expensive choice. Thousands of homeowners insurance customers are now facing expensive choices beyond having to manage and pay for the repairs from the catastrophe that Superstorm Sandy left in its wake along coastal areas of the eastern United States. Many property owners are finding that they can’t afford any of the choices now in front of them. This homeowners insurance news isn’t entirely new to these residents, except for the fact that it is now coming…

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Homeowners insurance premiums expected to skyrocket in some U.K. regions

High-Valued Homeowners Insurance news

The price of coverage is expected to soar in areas where floods are known to occur. Properties that are located in areas that are at risk of flooding in Scotland could soon be facing a considerable increase in the cost of their homeowners insurance now that a deal that had been in place to guarantee affordable protection is nearing its expiration date. Homes impacted by the winter floods, recently, or that are located in areas of increased risk are being cautioned. The next time that homeowners insurance policies are renewed…

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Homeowners insurance rates will likely rise in New York

Hurricane Sandy Homeoweners Insurance New York

Following the destruction that the state has faced, experts feel that premiums will be headed skyward. Experts are now saying that well after the gas lines have been repaired and electricity has been fully restored, New Yorkers will continue to feel the pain felt from the massive superstorm Sandy as it sends their homeowners insurance premiums higher. Predictions have placed payments from private insurers between $10 and $20 billion for the storm. The damages from the winds, alone – not to mention the flooding – has placed this most recent…

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Homeowners insurance worries place significant strain on Floridians

Homeowners Insurance credit score

Residents of the state are more worried about coverage than taxes. The rising cost of homeowners insurance is an increasing political liability among lawmakers in Florida, as the results of a survey have now been released that shows that financial concerns over this coverage are now much greater than those regarding property taxes. The state’s residents have been seeing a tremendous spike in their coverage rates in recent years. The annual survey was performed by Leadership Florida, and its results were just released. They showed that 46 percent of people…

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