Homeowners insurance organization makes progress in Florida

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Citizens Property Insurance finds financial success Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance has been struggling beneath a shroud of controversy for the past year. The state-run insurer has been cutting policies in an effort to depopulate itself and reduce financial strain while also raising rates on insurance policies that it has maintained. This has generate a great deal of criticism that has been issued against the state-run organization as well as lawmakers, but it has also placed Citizens Property Insurance in the “best financial shape” it has ever been in, according to…

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President of Florida Association of Insurance Agents sees progress, but reform frustrations

Jeff Grady, the Florida Association of Insurance Agents president, has spoken about the successes and failures of the most recent legislative session now that has finished. Grady discussed the changes that were made within the legislative session under the new governor as well in conjunction with a House and Senate that both have a strong majority that is pro-business. The agenda was geared toward reforms in tort and property, as well as a high profile urging to revamp the no-fault auto law. That said, while there were some significant reforms…

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