Health insurance plans often place a large amount of expense on customer shoulders

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Lower premium policies are leading to high costs that can be financially crippling. A first of its kind American health insurance analysis of over 6,000 plans that are geared toward families and individuals has shown that the majority of people who enroll in them are at risk of facing tremendous out of pocket medical expenses that could cause them to face financial ruin. Plans that feature lower monthly premiums often have high limitations to the coverage they provide. For this reason, it is not uncommon for people to face enormous…

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Another health insurance rate hike expected by next year

Mercer has released the results of its annual survey which have indicated that there will be an increase of 5.4 percent to employee health care benefit costs in 2012. Though the forecasted increase in health insurance rates will be the smallest one that has occurred in the last 15 years, it should still be noted that this increase is remarkably higher than salary growth and the inflation rate, the latter of which was at 3.9 percent. The employers who participated in the Mercer survey stated that they have been attempting…

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Health insurance survey shows many continue in an uphill battle against medical bills

A recent study found that in 2010 there was around 40% of Americans claiming financial hardship with paying medical bills. In 2005 it was 34%, thus presenting a 6% rise in just 5 years. An easy problem to pick out for increased spending would be the lack of insurance coverage, but Patricia Herman, an economist at the University of Arizona, says that financial ruin caused by an injury or illness may not be prevented by health insurance.  A study was conducted and can be found online in the August issue…

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